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Professional SEO agency that works with:
SEO Keyword Analysis
Keyword Analysis
The strategic groundwork that shows you where to start a targeted SEO effort.
Technical SEO Optimization
Technical SEO Optimization
We work with technical onsite SEO.
Link Building
Link Building
Our link-building effort consists of 3 phases: Analysis, execution, and follow-up.
Specialized SEO marketing agency

Boost your organic traffic with a specialized SEO firm. SEO is crucial because more traffic directly contributes to increased sales.

SEO Services
SEO Services
Boost organic traffic to your websites.
SEO Agency
SEO Analysis
Our skills, your growth.
SEO Agency
SEO Agency
SEO Agency
SEO analysis provides a comprehensive overview

By conducting a thorough SEO analysis, you get a better starting point for generating more traffic that leads to leads.

Organic Traffic
Improved Conversion
Webshop Speed
Longer Visit Duration
SEO analysis
SEO analysis

Search Engine Optimization carried out by a professional SEO agency

SEO delivers results

W360 is not your typical danish SEO agency. We don't sell standard SEO services - we proactively advise and take responsibility for our clients' rankings on Google. We maintain close communication with our clients and excel in addressing their needs.

SEO agency

We work with
results-oriented search engine optimization

Our experience shows that SEO efforts result in more conversions than other digital initiatives such as SoMe (Social Media) and Adwords. This is seen over a more extended period, which is why we don't recommend SEO to all our clients right from the start.

SEO is an excellent sales channel in the medium term. However, unless your business is locally rooted or operates within a niche industry, initiating SEO often requires considerable resources and patience. SEO is not a quick fix that delivers fast results like Adwords. SEO requires a well-planned strategy, thorough execution, and patience.

The outcomes of a well-executed SEO services strategy can always be directly seen on the bottom line.

Danish SEO agency with data-driven SEO services

The Process towards SEO Success

An SEO solution tailored to your business

The first contact with an SEO agency, especially if you aren't familiar with them or haven't received a recommendation, can feel somewhat impersonal. For us, SEO is an investment based on trust. We always invite potential clients for a meeting where we can determine your current position in terms of SEO and your desired future objectives. This way, we establish a baseline, allowing you to see the impact of your investment in our SEO services on your results.

In doing so, we can best evaluate which SEO solution fits your business.

The next step is to analyze your industry, needs, and crucial sales parameters to identify the primary target audience. With that information in hand, we can begin the actual SEO services that will work for you.

SEO Experts

Do you need an SEO expert?

Let us show you how to grow your business with SEO and what it takes to achieve top rankings on Google.

The 4 SEO Disciplines

Achieve True SEO Success

To truly succeed with any SEO effort, there are four areas that need to be analyzed and optimized. These four work areas together create the search engine optimization required to shift your website's position in the search engines.

Below, we'll go through these four areas to give you an insight into our SEO work.

De 4 SEO-discipliner

What are your customers searching for?

Keyword Analysis

The keyword analysis is the foundation for the further optimization of your website. This is where we identify the search terms most relevant to your customers and your business.

Interestingly enough, it's not always the terms and phrases that bring the most organic traffic to your site that are the most relevant. Often, it's the search terms with a more targeted focus that perform best in terms of conversion, as we often see with Google Adwords. There must be a match between what your customers are searching for and the content on the page they land on. Otherwise, you risk wasting the SEO effort.

Without a thorough analysis, you risk taking a scattershot approach, making the planned SEO strategy incomplete and lacking a clear overview of the effort.

Therefore, every journey with us as an SEO agency always starts with a very detailed keyword analysis to ensure you achieve real success with your SEO efforts.

Keyword Analysis - SEO
SEO Competitor Analysis

Know Your Competitors

SEO Competitor Analysis

We conduct a competitor analysis to provide insight into how significant the competition is for the keywords we expect to be relevant to you. We also look at what adjustments or optimizations are needed for your website, and most importantly, how extensive a link profile we should plan to build to achieve top rankings on Google.

By examining your competitors, we also have an opportunity to find potential gaps in their SEO strategy, which we can use to drive relevant traffic to your site more quickly. The plan here is to smartly achieve your SEO optimization goals with the best possible returns.

Search Terms with Purchase Signals Convert Better

Choose the Right Keywords

When we work on keyword analysis, we pay very close attention to the buying signals a keyword emits. A search term with a buying signal indicates where in the buying process a customer is.

Someone searching for "TV" might not necessarily be ready to buy one. Perhaps they are just looking for a streaming service or just an image of a TV. On the other hand, if they search for "New 60-inch Panasonic TV on sale", there's a much higher probability that they are considering a purchase.

Therefore, it can be advantageous to target your SEO efforts towards longer-tail keywords. The more specific a user is in their search, the more likely it is they are further along in the buying process. At this point, it's crucial to direct them to your page showcasing your product.

Working with buying signals in keywords enhances your chances of conversion and sales.

Keyword Analysis - SEO

Technical SEO Optimization

The Foundation for SEO
Must Be Solid

Technical SEO revolves around optimizing the website itself, which often relates to the site's coding. This area focuses on the technical aspects and structure behind a website, which might not be immediately visible but profoundly influences the site's performance and, consequently, a visitor's user experience.e.

Teknisk SEO-optimering
Teknisk SEO-optimering
Technical SEO Optimization

Server and System Optimization is Crucial

A solid foundation is essential - not just for a building

When Google assesses whether your page is relevant to display in its search results, factors like user-friendliness, speed, optimization, code quality, and mobile optimization also count towards their ranking criteria.

We recommend spending time fine-tuning the site as much as possible, as this increases the chances of success in ongoing SEO efforts and subsequent customer conversion.

Technical SEO tasks we typically look at

6 Technically Important SEO Areas

SEO Website Structure

Website Structure

Google uses the HTML structure of a website to gather additional information about your site. We ensure the structure is properly executed so that elements like page titles, meta descriptions, alt texts, H1, H2, etc. are correctly set.

Structured Data for SEO

Structured Data

By incorporating Schema Markup (, we aid search engines in quickly understanding the most critical information on the website. Structured data also allows for the display of rich snippets in the search results, offering visitors a more detailed description of your site when they find you on Google.

SEO Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

The speed of your site is crucial not only as a ranking factor for Google but also significantly affects your visitors' experience. Here, we kill two birds with one stone: enhancing the user experience while also giving Google an incentive to display your website in the search results.

Link Building SEO

Internal Link Building and Menu Structure

It's vital to have optimal internal linking and a clear menu structure, as it provides Google and your users a better understanding of the most important pages on your website and how your site is interconnected. This improves the user experience and provides Google with insights into which pages it should prioritize in searches.

Mobile Optimization for SEO

Mobile Optimization

Today, over half of all internet traffic to websites comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it's essential for your users to access your website as seamlessly and engagingly as if they were in front of their computer. A mobile-friendly website is a must, as Google prioritizes user-friendliness when deciding which page to highlight in their results. A non-mobile-optimized site is not user-friendly, negatively affecting SEO efforts.

Security Optimization SEO

Security Optimization

Most people today are aware of the importance of online security to prevent data loss and misuse. Thus, it's not just important for your users to know your site is secure, but it's also a ranking factor for Google, indicating you value your users. Hence, we ensure the site always maintains an encrypted connection through an SSL connection.

Content optimering eller onsite seo

Content Optimization

Google continuously strives to deliver the exact content their users are searching for. Increasingly, their algorithm examines the quality of content on webpages and highly values user-friendliness and relevance. Hence, it makes sense to review the content on your website or online store. We go through all text and image materials to identify areas for search optimization. This phase of the job is termed as content optimization.

Content optimization has two intertwined objectives. When you enhance your pages' text and visual elements to be clear and appealing, you provide value to your visitors. This means they are more likely to spend more time on your site and explore other pages beyond their landing page. Such behavior signals to Google that they successfully directed the user to a page relevant to their search query. Consequently, this sends a positive feedback loop to Google about your site's efficacy.

Content Optimization for SEO
Teknisk SEO-optimering

Content Tailored to Your Customers

High-quality content benefits both you and your visitors.

If you have developed a website or online store that engages users, encouraging them to spend time and return, you send a positive message to Google about your site's relevance. Such behavior is rewarded in search rankings.

Given that Google's primary aim is to provide pertinent content in response to user queries, they also thrive on satisfied users. These users return, giving Google an opportunity to display ads, their primary revenue source. Thus, showcasing good and relevant content aligns with Google's goals. We are profoundly aware of this when we execute SEO.

An Essential Component of SEO


Links are crucial because Google views them as endorsements of your website. They utilize them to gauge the relevance of your site and determine its ranking in the search results.

One should never underestimate the impact a well-implemented link-building strategy can have on SEO efforts, and ultimately, your business's bottom line.

After the rest of the SEO strategy has been set up and optimized, properly executed link-building often serves as the final push required to claim a spot on Google's first page of search results.

Teknisk SEO-optimering
Teknisk SEO-optimering

Analysis, Execution, and Follow-up

Our Approach to Linkbuilding

Our linkbuilding efforts are segmented into three stages: Analysis, Execution, and Follow-up.

1. Analysis Phase:
This initial phase commences by determining the existing incoming links to your website. This provides a baseline from which we can strategize. Following this, we delve into a competitive analysis. By studying your market competitors, we discern where our focused efforts should lie in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

2. Execution Phase:
With a clear understanding of our current position and the tasks ahead, we proceed to the actual linkbuilding process. Here, our endeavors are concentrated on acquiring links that are pertinent and in the appropriate quantity.

3. Follow-up Phase:
Post-implementation, the follow-up phase is crucial. We do not just conclude our efforts post execution. Instead, we meticulously review the entire process to ascertain that we have met the agreed-upon targets for both the quantity and relevance of links. This not only validates the efficacy of our approach but also ensures transparency and trustworthiness in our dealings with you.

Through this structured approach, we guarantee that our linkbuilding strategies not only boost your site's SEO but also enhance its credibility in the digital space.

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